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Micro learning and daily quests to help with your stress, anxiety & sleep.

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OhanaJo awake

A conscious platform with daily quests to help you with your stress, anxiety & sleep.

We are dedicated to your inner growth & emotional wellbeing with bite sized experiential, activity based, micro learning & daily quests on the go.

On Demand Daily Meditations, Yoga, Sound Healing, Wisdom & Mindfulness from the Comfort of Your Home

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OhanaJo 7 Chakras Pure Essential Oils Roll-Ons

This is a beautiful collection of homemade natural pure essential oil blends, made with love and positive intentions to help balance your energy centres and uplift your mood. All our oils have been energetically infused with sound healing vibrations to purify and enhance their healing benefits.

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"OhanaJo is not just a physical place where I go to unwind, it's a spiritual community, where I go to Release, Reconnect, and Recharge. With just one session, I am able to release emotions and pent up feelings that no longer serve me. I feel I can reconnect with my life's mission. The vibrational energy from their sound healing sessions shakes even my soul. After any experience at OhanaJo, I always feel recharged and invigorated to take on the new challenges that life's winding road has in store for me. Love and Light to all of you on your journey."

Louie Pinto
Father & Business Owner

"My first day walking into OhanaJo felt like a dream come true. I felt so welcome. I knew then, that this was the place that I was going to to de-stress myself. Initially, I was looking to learn more about Yoga but OhanaJo led me on a holistic journey of life. Thank you so much 🙏 - Ravi Suppiah (Banker)"

Ravi Suppiah

"OhanaJo has always been a place to help me through my toughest days. More than just a yoga studio it is filled with love, joy, healing and such amazing energy. Each instructor leads the class with such passion that it tends to be difficult to choose a favourite class. It is the perfect little getaway from the hustle and bustle of a life in Kuala Lumpur. Days filled with stress and worries at times may vanish the moment you attend a class and just surrender to the experience. Sometimes life takes a little bit of a toll on us or we may feel a little lost and alone, a class at ohanajo would definitely do the trick. Lots of Love and Light to all you beautiful souls."

Tasha Prabha
Yoga Teacher & Student

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