Yoga with Sound Healing

Yoga is steeped in ancient wisdom, tracing its roots back 5000 years ago. It urges you to find your own path and meaning in life. At OhanaJo, we have always believed that the search for the burning questions that you seek in your life, are always within you but we sometimes cannot access our inner wisdom, due to the "noise" of our thoughts and daily stresses we live with.

​This is what makes the practice of meditation and yoga so powerful - It stills the mind, helping us to gain the silence and clarity of the many situations and hurdles we need to face in our everyday lives. Using different styles of Yoga, combined with breathwork and the uniquely therapeutic effects of sound, we hope you can discover a deeper inner connection with yourself at OhanaJo.

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Meditation with Sound Healing

Meditation helps to silence our minds to access a stillness within ourselves, to help us disconnect from our modern day stresses.  Meditation and learning simple, yet effective breathing techniques can help to calm the mind, bringing a sense of clarity and inner peace so that we can ultimately reconnect with ourselves.​

​Marrying meditation with sound healing, we are able to trigger alpha and theta brainwave states to bring the mind and body into optimal states for self-healing to occur. Studies have proven that sound baths can strengthen our immunity and emotional wellbeing. This healing method is a non-invasive mindfulness tool to help us become more mentally present and calm.

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Emotional Healing Sessions

These sessions are more focused on internal healing and managing our emotions. When life feels like it's going too fast, these deeply introspective sessions are designed to help us slow down and heal stress, anxiety, depression and/or trauma. Learn how to slow down with guided meditations to tap into your subconscious.

​Connect with your heart through self-inquiry, journaling, sharing or guided exercises in inner reflection. Allow the healing power of sound to wash away what no longer serves you. Leveraging on the support from the group during our emotional healing sessions, it will leave you with more clarity and self-love than before you stepped foot into such a loving, safe space.

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