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The Power Of Intuition & 3 Easy Ways To Tap Into Your Intuitive Skills

The Power Of Intuition & 3 Easy Ways To Tap Into Your Intuitive Skills
If I hadn't followed my intuition, I would have been massively injured, exploited as a child or had a traumatic childhood, live a life totally misaligned with my true nature or even potentially dead. As much as I sound dramatic here, this is the truth when I recall at those times I listen to my intuition, gut-brain or heart, whatever you call it. If only I had not listened to that inner wisdom, I wouldn't have the peace I have in my life today.
Intuition is a powerful ability we all possess.
It is a birthright, a natural skill in us. It is that gentle push we feel to take a specific path and that discomfort we feel when heading in the wrong direction.

Your intuition is accurate and isn't a result of overthinking when you feel something isn't right. It also expresses in a quiet voice, and it rarely pushes for attention, which is why it is easy for us to overlook or ignore it.

Our intuitive abilities develop in us at a young age, and kids are known to have powerful, intuitive skills due to the less chaotic mind and innocents they have. This is why when I was a kid, and as young as 5, I was able to avoid bad situations that could have caused me long-term traumas and harm. Now, I wasn't some kid who had "special gifts" or "extraordinary abilities". I was just able to listen to the higher wisdom in me, my intuition.

Many of us aren't tapping into our intuition and using it in the way we should.
In fact, in a decade, reputable companies will hire individuals who possess high intuitive skills, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone creates a machine or device to check potential candidates' intuitive abilities before hiring them!
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Our intuition can help us navigate life positively, save you from facing any unpleasant situations, and attract great opportunities into your life! All you have to do is believe and then listen.

I understand that most of you think that you don't seem intuitive enough or even find intuition to be something "woo -woo" or scammy. Until you believe in this hidden ability of yours, you will not be able to acknowledge it.

Suppose you are wondering how you can tap into your intuition or even strengthen it; here are 3 tips for getting started with!

#1 Silence Your Mind
Following your intuition requires listening. We usually rely on our rational mind and analytical thoughts for decision-making. When you want to shift gears and trust your intuition, you'll need to get out of your head and listen to your body.

Sit still and quiet to understand what your intuition is telling you. Quitting your mind allows your awareness to expand, including your physical and emotional state.

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You can do this by sitting in a quiet place, close your eyes, and quiet down the chatter of your thinking brain. Over time, you'll learn to drop into a state of relaxation and calm awareness. Practice this every day, and then bring this mindful practice into your day-to-day life. Practice quieting the mind by noticing your surroundings. Notice how you feel around certain other personalities. Bring awareness to the thoughts that arise and the feelings in the body, and do so without judgment. Your conscious awareness will begin to spot nagging thoughts, gut feelings, and feelings as intuition trying to get your attention over time.
#2 Differentiate Fear, Anxiety and Intuition
Just because something feels bothersome doesn't mean you should avoid it. As much as we have intuitive abilities, we also have fear.

Fear often arises when addressing something traumatic, unpleasant or even the doubt of the unknown. Anxiety, fear and stress are also natural. When your heart feels bothered when you're going for an interview, it doesn't mean your intuition is saying it is not the right job for you.

I have anticipatory anxiety, which means whenever I am waiting for something, I get anxious, but this doesn't mean whatever I'm waiting for is harmful. These are fear, anxiety and stress.

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We develop fears without even realizing them. You may carry a traumatic experience that happened to you as a child throughout your whole life. When you need to make a decision, at times, your traumas could get in the way, preventing you from making the right decision.

When you feel nervous or scared, use your analytical brain to observe and investigate your physical sensations. Explore what they feel like, what they may be trying to tell you. When you understand the information from your nervous system, you can use this knowledge to make better decisions.

#3 Start Meditating
Meditation is such a powerful tool, especially when it comes to helping build your intuition. It guides you to be more coherent to your mind, body and spirit.

You don't need to meditate for long periods or master meditation skills like the monks or sages. Meditation is to help you silence the chaotic brain so that you can see beyond what you know and listen to your inner wisdom.

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When I was a fashion student, I had to create runway collections inspired by a theme given by my lecturers. I would be lost in my early semesters, and I would have difficulty getting an exciting topic. But one day, I decided to meditate. I decided to silence my mind but with an intention to get inspired.

You wouldn't believe it; I saw the subject of my inspiration, along with how the designs are going to be. I followed what I saw, and yes, I was the best scorer for that semester, and I am known as the student who can come up with radical ideas and concepts in all my semesters.
You could do the same too!

Sit in silence, meditate with an intention to get the right answer to your questions. Come from a non-judgemental state of mind. Let go to whatever your intuition says. Don't have any expectations about what the answer should be but relax, close your eyes and listen to your instinct.

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We all have this spiritual intelligence inside ourselves, the intuitive guide that supports and protects us every single moment of our lives. That’s where our power comes from.

When you’re learning to enhance the power of your intuition, be patient with yourself. Start slow and never rush. Keep practicing.

When it comes to your own life, you are the expert. Nobody else can know who you are and what makes you truly happy because no one is YOU. While your mind may be often afraid, your intuition knows the truth. Surrender to it, and listen to your inner wisdom.

- Written by Durgsh
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