Experienced & Heart Warming

Our family of Teachers here at OhanaJo were handpicked for their experience and ability to deliver the highest quality of classes. Our teachers are passionate, warm-hearted and devoted to share their accumulated techniques, insights and wisdoms in class. Our teachers take on the role as facilitators that bring out the best in you, to make sure you get the most out of each practice. At OhanaJo, you can look forward to classes integrated with intelligent sequencing, sound healing, meditation, mindfulness & philosophy. 

Meet Our Instructors

Elizabeth Huxtable 


With a career in natural therapies spanning 30 years, Elizabeth is passionate about helping others heal from trauma, especially childhood trauma. She is a qualified sound therapist and trainer and she combines sound with other modalities like Reiki, EFT and Emotion Code. After working with several voice shamans in the US, Elizabeth tapped into the healing power of her own voice. She finds sound and voice to be a powerful way to reach the deepest parts of our psyche and reprogram the nervous system. This can help facilitate deep inner peace and balance.

Jojo Struys


Jojo is a Wellness Personality, Certified Sound Healer and Trainer, TEDx Speaker and Author. She was accredited in Yoga from Rishikesh, India and is also a Pranayama Teacher and Reiki Master with more than 25 years of experience. She is a healer from the heart and deeply passionate about helping people connect with themselves or release any aspect of their lives that may no longer be serving them. When she founded OhanaJo Studio, she named it after the Hawaiian word "ohana" which means family because she wants everyone to feel welcome.


Michael Lim


Michael has been working with his deep intuition to tap into the power of the subconscious to help people shift and let go of any past traumas. He got accredited as an Usui Reiki Master 14 years ago and is also a Pranic Healer. Michael facilitates Guided Meditations and Powerful Visualisations for emotional clearance whilst sharing Rebirth Breathwork techniques to help release trapped emotions, stress and anxiety so that we can find greater internal peace.



Savy Ho


Savy works from her heart space. She is trained in Light Energy Weave (a Mexican Curranderos modality), Sound Healing, Cranial Sacral therapy, and body work. She has completed more than 400hrs of training where she first studied yoga under Meghan Currie, then the Art of Healing Touch, including an Infinite Circularities teacher training with Carlos Romero. She draws on various modalities and her strong intuition to help people heal and transform.




Sujata Nandy 


Sujata is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient who has conducted numerous workshops on Tantra, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Divine Feminine, Chakra and Kundalini Awakening, as well as working with the wisdom of the Akashic Records. She is the 'Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme' Master Trainer & Yogalife Founder. Sujata was also declared an Elder in The Minnesota Return of The Priestess Summit.





Paul Teodo


Paul Teodo is a yoga and meditation teacher and musician from the USA. Paul received his YTT certification through YogaWorks, studying under David Kim and Jesse Schein. Upon graduation, Paul was immediately offered a slot at Bryan Kest’s world famous studio in Santa Monica. Paul spent 5 years there, and at other studios in LA building a reputation as one of the best young teachers in Los Angeles. He continued to study with senior teachers Sara Ivanhoe, Travis Eliot, Bryan Kest, Steve Ross, and meditation under Dr. Lorin Roche.



Sonja Chong

Singapore/Hong Kong

An internationally trained and accredited sound therapist, she travels the world sharing the therapeutic power of energy, sound and vibration. A member of the International College of Holistic Medicine and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners; Sonja is also certified in Holistic and Sports Nutrition, and Kinesiology.







Claudia Gallo 

Costa Rica

Claudia is a 500-hr Certified Yoga Teacher who did her first 200 hrs Teacher training in India at Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2011 and her 300 hrs was completed in 2017 in New York at Yoga Works. She is constantly doing workshops and trainings by traveling around Southeast Asia and USA, to expand her knowledge and teachings and to deepen her own practice. Claudia finds ways to take you into a peaceful mind and healthy “pura vida” living state.



Rosalind Marie 


Rosalind is an Intuitive Guide, Public Speaker, Writer & Healer.
She has also been deeply immersed in healing and personal development for over twenty years, and is very passionate about awakening to her highest and truest self.
She brings her truth and passions together in Intuitive Movement Classes, Soul Readings, Healing Courses and Inspirational Talks.





Ashlynn Williams


Ashlynn is a wife & mother of 2 from Texas, USA. She is a well respected Yoga Alliance instructor and teacher trainer, and has completed more than 600 hours of training. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in both Yoga and Ayurveda and is also an Ayurveda Health Coach helping to guide individuals on their path towards health & healing.




Virginia Kennedy 


Virginia embodies the definition of motherly-love. She creates a safe space for everyone to express their emotions. She is an award winning director and writer who once followed a Shaman in Ecuador, almost crossing roads with the reaper in India and was meditating in the temples of Egypt. She draws from the wisdom and pain of her life's experiences to gently guide you through healing processes in her intimate circles.



Ivy Tan 


Ivy left a senior position in the corporate world to follow her heart and answer what felt like a deep calling to become a healer. She is passionately guided by her intuition as a Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer.  Enjoy her beautifully guided grounding meditations and experience her soulfully calming voice dancing over the bowls in her sound baths. She also facilitates Ho'oponopono workshops in Mandarin.



Nana Zul 


Nana is a Certified Yoga & Sound Therapist & Healer. She often enhances deeper states of relaxation in her sessions by incorporating the healing benefits of sound, essential oils and energy healing.
As an intuitive energy healer, she particularly loves setting positive intentions and finishing her sessions with sound baths because they are so therapeutic and healing on all levels.


Mindy Choo


Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner, Energy Healer, student of Bach Flower Remedies, Esoteric Studies and an operator of Biospect (a bio-feedback, bio-resonance machine). Mindy is also a Sound and Voice Healer & Trainer. She works with her own set of 14 Tibetan Singing Bowls, combined with the beautiful crystal bowls and gongs with guided visualisations and her angelic voice to bring you into states of deep relaxation.


Based in Germany 

Shakira is a highly trained Yogi with more than 400hrs of Yoga Training. She weaves in elements of softness in her strong, asana- based classes so you can experience both Yin and Yang. Trained in Malaysia and India, Shakira has taught in Kuala Lumpur and Germany, always working to connect breath, body and mind to achieve a complete state of harmony.


Tianna Sufian 


Tianna is a certified RYT500 Yoga Teacher, Personal Transformational Coach and Sound & Voice Healer. Her teachings of yoga with contemporary style infusing elements of pranayama breathwork, meditation, mudras (gestures), empowering affirmations, movement/flow, sound vibrations & kirtan healing can be found in all her classes.



Olivier Di Tullio 


Olivier is a Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga Teacher, as well as an energy healer and Level 3 CORE Bodyworker. He is a Sukma Gold Medalist in Fencing and Martial Arts but has since discovered the beauty and grace of Tai Chi and Qi Gong as a tool for achieving balance and peace. He integrates his deep understanding of myofascial release through bodywork and the application of energy healing through Qigong.


Dileri Sadhana


Dileri is a Holistic Physical Therapist who specializes in restoring the balance between body and mind to promote inner healing. She strongly feels dance is a powerful tool for emotional release.
She teaches Pranayama, Ayurveda sessions, Pilates and Basic Yoga focused on alignment. She expertly guides us through the power of meditation and dance as a vital key to calm the mind.



Dr Octavian


Octavian is a medical doctor who has also been teaching Emotional Acupuncture for 10 years. He is a practitioner of both East and West with a background in Shamanic Healing, Family Constellations and Tarot, besides being a Consultant in Feng Shui and BaZi. He has also practiced as a Reiki Master along with other modalities ie Craniosacral Therapy and Western Medicine.



Chia Sing


Chia Sing is a Light Worker, Certified Full Circle RYT teacher of Tantra, Hatha, Yin, Meditation, Art and Journalling. She is also a Sound and Energy healer. She left the hospital as a doctor and ventured into the depths of true embodied being. She sees yoga and meditation beyond the cushion and mat, as a means to transcend the physical body, shift our consciousness from the Egoic mind and merge with our Higher Self. Her classes centres around the Truth in Presence, Stillness and Authentic Living - Purifying, Aligning and Awakening based on Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, Tantra, Non duality and the Universal Law of One.



Remington currently works at Stenden University in Bali as a mindfulness coach and module designer. He also runs his own business – The Dao of Now – that runs meditation evenings and mindfulness classes. He has trained formally in the lineage of Soto Zen Buddhism, and is now on a mission to discovering how traditional teachings in mindfulness can be integrated into the everyday aspects of our modern life.






Shireen Olikh


Shireen Olikh is a board certified Clinical Psychologist who focuses on the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness in order to facilitate patients dealing with psychological concerns.
Therapy sessions with Shireen are based on a strong therapeutic relationship, as well as an emphasis on empathy, and empowerment. Shireen believes that people want to be happy, effective and successful in their lives, and that they have the power within themselves to achieve these goals. She is passionate in helping those on their path of healing, and to leading a personally satisfying life, which consists of being in control and living in line with their values.